Why did we name our house?

When we were looking for our home I joked with Bob that we should name the houses we looked at like they do on TV. Well, before we knew it, we had decided we loved this house.

We were shopping at Christmas Tree Shop and saw this welcome sign…..

We decided right away that Rocky Moose Lodge would be what we’d call our home. For 16 years we had a dog named Rocky. We still miss Rocky very much so it is a way to memorialize him by naming our home after him.

I will never forget when Bob and I were looking for a Papillon. We traveled to eastern Washington state to see a new litter. We were sitting with Rocky’s breeder and she put Rocky on Bob’s chest. Rocky was so tiny. He climbed up to just below Bob’s chin and circled like dogs do. He then fell asleep there. We knew right then that this was the dog we were looking for.

In 2003 when I was going through cancer treatment, Rocky gave me comfort and love that only a dog could give. He made a hard time in my life a lot easier. We had a hotel style bell that we put on the floor near the back door. Rocky would hit the bell with his paw when he needed to go outside. My chemo treatments took away a lot of my hearing. Rocky learned to alert me to the oven buzzer, phone and doorbell. He was the best!!

So, that is where the name Rocky Moose Lodge came into the picture.

One Comment

  • Lisa Kirmse

    What a great name for your new house! Rocky charmed us all and holds a warm spot in our hearts!
    We saw house photos last fall. It is such a pretty place and peaceful too!
    I adore your photo of Diego! Showing a little bit of age, but also looking very wise!
    Missing the three of you here in the P.N.W.
    Love ya all, ~Lisa