• Maine

    Wiscasset, Maine

    I decided to start this blog so all our family and friends can keep up with all the happenings here at Rocky Moose Lodge.  There is just no way Bob and I can write to everyone individually, so I hope you will come here often to see what has been happening in our lives.  Please feel free to leave your thoughts.  We want to hear what is going on with all of you! On July 28, 2018 my husband Bob and I purchased a home in Wiscasset, Maine.

  • Dogs

    Why did we name our house?

    When we were looking for our home I joked with Bob that we should name the houses we looked at like they do on TV. Well, before we knew it, we had decided we loved this house. We were shopping at Christmas Tree Shop and saw this welcome sign….. We decided right away that Rocky Moose Lodge would be what we’d call our home. For 16 years we had a dog named Rocky. We still miss Rocky very much so it is a way to memorialize him by naming our home after him. I will never forget when Bob and I were looking for a Papillon. We traveled to eastern…

  • Kitchen,  Lodge

    Our kitchen

    Here are a few photos of our (Bob’s) kitchen. Just pictures from before we moved in. No updated pictures since it looks pretty much the same. Also, it’s usually not this clean 🤭.

  • Wildlife


    Yesterday while in our driveway I noticed a tree branch came down and a large amount of wood chips near that tree, in the woods next to our home. Then as I looked at the tree I noticed two rather large holes in the trunk of the tree close to the ground. I was perplexed as to what animal had distroyed this tree. Since we have been here in Maine, we have been looking forward to seeing some wildlife and have been disappointed that the only critter we’ve seen is a porcupine. Could it have been him that did this damage? After putting pictures online and seeking an answer, I…

  • Snow


    While Bob snow blowed and I shoveled the porch, Diego waited patiently for us to finish…..`

  • Lodge

    A Different Kind of House

    As many people do, we used Zillow to start our search for a home. We had intended to find a manufactured home but when we talked to builders we were told that it would probably be November or December before we could move in. That wouldn’t work for us so we started looking for homes that were less than 15 years old. We came across this house…. We were immediately intrigued by the look of this place! We had to see the inside. We called a realtor and soon after that she showed us this house.